'Music and your Baby' Event

45 Hollywood Road, London, SW10 9HX

Type‘Music and Your Baby’ Event
Date of Workshop or Event16 Jan 2020
Start Time10.30am
Duration45 minutes

FREE Baby Development Music Workshop for babies from 0-8months in Chelsea at The Hollywood Arms. 45, Hollywood Road, Chelsea SW10 on Thursday 16th January at 10.30am-11.15am
Share precious time together and learn how to support each milestone through music at home! Jayne Harris is the owner of Monkey Music in Chelsea and has been teaching specialist baby music classes for over 18 years. She'll be sharing lots of super ideas, tips, information and advice on how to introduce and share music at home with your baby to support each developmental milestone right from the start!
The workshop will focus on how through singing, cuddling, rocking, dancing, talking and clapping you can encourage the pathways of your baby’s brain to make new connections, playing an vital part in the future emotional and intellectual development of your child.
The Hollywood Arms is an absolutely beautiful venue with it’s own private room on the first floor with lots of opportunity to get to know each other and have coffee afterwards too!

Expect a lovely nurturing environment with specialist tracking instruments, imaginative sensory and absorbing activities, specialist hand held baby percussion instruments, super puppet ideas, amazing giant parachutes, lullabies and lots of bubbles! It’s loads of fun and a great way to meet new friends too!